A place for ideas and journeys

The philosophy we share

We believe that when as many people as possible know about the beautiful places and care about their fate, we’ll lay the foundation for development of sustainable tourism. This means limiting our impact over the environment, stimulating diversity, improving the quality of life of local communities and focusing upon long-term solutions.


What is that we are going to experience together

Having fun.
Being where you also want to be.
Traveling freely and as much as we can.
Sharing beautiful places through our passion – photography.
Creating a place for sharing ideas and travels.
Collecting, synthesizing and spreading useful information about places, events and entertainment.
Connecting travelers with local people to enrich their experiences and facilitate the development of the small and medium-sized tourist sector.
Providing a place for free exchange of ideas and business practices to enhance the balanced and sustainable development of tourism and society.
Sharing awareness about the fate of the environment and its conservation.

Sofia, Bulgaria
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