Travel with us

You are invited to join us for a trip that may take us to places we never thought to visit. In search of beautiful places, people and stories we will leave the well trodden paths behind.

We often meet the sun

Early in the morning the air is pleasantly clean and cool and the world seems to be in calmness. The colours are more saturated and if you like we may take pictures together sharing our experience and ideas. Else you can just enjoy beauty of the moment.

Then we walk through forests...

The attraction of the long walks both in the Rhodopes and the Balkan Mountains comes from the richness of forms, colours, fragrances and sounds and none the last from the thousands years of human history traces of which can be found hidden in the deep shadows between the ridges of these mountains.

... And in the mountains

When we feel like we want to go up in the mountains vertically as far as our legs could take us, then comes the time to go once again in the Rila and the Pirin Mountains.

Convinience may not always be with us while traveling by car, but fun is!

If we can travel by train then we do. It's cleaner and give us a better opportunity to look around. If that is not possible then an old 4x4 Suzuki take us wherever we want to go.

When we stop we prepare the food

Instant food is in the past. Whenever possible we cook and in the summer most of the products come directly from our garden.

And gather around the fire for the best parties or just for some calm moments

And we always end the day staying in the best hotels around

If you don't have everything needed for a none-inclusive stay under the start well - then we can share equipment so that you don't have to pay for those expensive extra laguage taxes when comming by plane.

Our first trip together is comming soon. You can contact us at