Guest house Biserova-Gough

Radoslav Sarov, вт фев 12, 2019

Biserova-Gough Guesthouse is run by Lyubimka Biserova, one of the famous folk singers from the Biserovi Sisters formation. Born in the village of Pirin, in 2005 Lyubimka bought the building of the former bakery and, after repairing and reshaping it, began to receive guests. If you love music, you’ll quickly feel you’re in the right place because in addition to the beautiful view from the balcony, the delicious homemade food and the fresh air, here you can enjoy the company of someone who dedicated her life to folk songs. There’s hardly a better place where you can discover the beauty of the traditional singing of the Pirin village which, to a great extent, has preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian village.