Pri Georgi Kestena

Radoslav Sarov, вт фев 12, 2019

If you have been looking for a place that is as close to the domestic atmosphere of a Rhodope's house as possible - well, I believe you have just found it. The tiny village of Kesten is located in a border area, next to where once was the dividing line between the prosperous Communism and the decaying Western bloc... or was it the other way round? I don't know. With all the propaganda that is currently going on it is getting increasingly harder to distinguish between those two opposite narratives. For what is sure - the area around the village is wild and to a great extent preserved from the modern consumerism and all the cheap tourist attractions that have spoiled so many other places in Bulgaria.

The Georgi's house can accommodate up to 7 people (there are two separate rooms - one with a double bed and another single one, the other room has two single beds and one double). The terrace is big enough for up to 15 people and has a kitchen area and a fireplace. The hosts do not offer food, but can use the kitchen if you want.
The price for a night per person is between 10 and 15 levs. To call the house owner Georgi and arrange your stay in advance, call +359 895 741 128. Georgi doesn't speak any foreign languages so look for someone who can help you.