Archeological reserve Yailata

Within the archaeological reserve Yailata can be seen a number of monuments from various historical periods dating back from VI millenium B.C. to the middle of XI century. In the eighties of ХХ c. was revealed an early Byzantine fortress built during the reign of Emperor Anastasius at the end of Vc. - the beginning of VI century. In the vicinity are found five ancient necropolis, representing graves and stone tombs embedded in a stone block, consisting of an atrium and a rectangular burial chamber. In 2015 an unnecessary project for restoration of the fortress walls was completed. Luckily beside the fortress the rest of the archological reserve remained unchange and still is a place where one could see traces of several thounsands years of history.

The entrance fee is 3 lv per adult and 1 lv per children and students.

In order to reach Yailata by car enter Kavarna and follow the main street which will take you to the eastern part of the town. Shortly after the last buildings there is a fork on the right leading to Balgarevo village and cape Kaliakra. Head for Balgarevo and when you enter the village, turn on the left immediately after the square. In 7 km you will reach Sveti Nikola village and 5 km more will take you to Kamen bryag. In Kamen bryag take the second turn on the right and in 1.5 km you will reach the parking lot in front of the archaeological reserve. In case you miss the right turn and reach something that resembles a square with a food store on the left, turn on the right here. You will find the reserve this way also, but before that you will pass by 'Trite kestena' and 'Morska sreshta' pubs, so the visit to the cultural sight might be a little delayed.