Domed mound in Mishkova niva locality

The domed mound in Mishkova niva locality stands out with its imposing structure of large marble blocks which have been connected with metal brackets. The entrance has been on the south-western side and has been crowned with a monumental triangular pediment with antefixum and an embossed field with an image of a shield and spear between two human palms. Probably the most impressive element of the architectural design of the monument is the imposing external krepis with diameter of 23 m, which has encompassed the base of the mound. It has been built in three rows of huge arch-shaped marble blocks and its height was 1.8 meters altogether. Unfortunately the tomb is badly damaged due to numerous interventions by treasure-hunters. Blocks from the lowest row of the external krepis are still preserved. Most of the other blocks are scattered across the area. The importance of the domed mound in Mishkova niva locality as a cultural monument is determined by its unique architectural image, having no direct analogies.

The domed mound in Mishkova niva locality is situated about 4 km south-west of Malko Tarnovo town, on the south-eastern slope of Golyamoto gradishte peak, near the state border. If you want to pay a visit to the tomb, you had better contact the information center in the town of Malko Tarnovo in advance; number: +359 (0) 887 932 943.