The cromlech near the village of Dolni Glavanak

The megalithic monument near the village of Dolni Glavanak in the Rhodopes is the best preserved cromlech in Bulgaria. It consists of circle of roughly cut stones with diameter of about 10 metres. The monument is dated back to the Iron Age, probably in the period between the VIII and VI centuries BC. Not far from it two more smaller stone circles have been found as well. The first one is located 15 metres to the southeast of the cromlech and the second is 19 metres to the south.

In 1999 the monument was surveyed by a team led by prof. Georgi Nihrizov. Over 2000 fragments of pottery and several metal objects (one bronze and one iron fibulas, a bronze needle and the iron blade of a small knife) were found.

The monument is free to visit.

The cromlech is located in the Eastern Rhodopes between the villages of Topolovo and Dolni Glavanak. Next to the road that connects the two villages (1 km to the west of Dolni Glavanak) you will see the wooden building of a tourist informational centre and parking lot in front of it. Leave the car here and continue on foot. There is a small bridge nearby. Cross it and follow the footpath after it. To get to the monument you need 20 minutes or so.