The Historical Museum of the town of Chiprovtsi

The Historical Museum of the town of Chiprovtsi was established in 1986. The expositions present the domestic life from Antiquity through the Middle Ages and the 17th-century heyday until today, but probably the most impressive are the works of the Chiprovtsi goldsmithing, silversmithing and carpet industry. The town of Chiprovtsi is situated in a small valley at the foot of the Chiprovtsi Mountain, a high northern branch of the western Balkan Mountains. It is thought to have been founded in the Late Middle Ages as a mining and metalsmithing centre. The town grew in importance as a cultural, economic and religious centre of the Bulgarian Catholics and the entire Bulgarian Northwest during the first few centuries of Ottoman rule (14th-17th). After the suppression of the uprising of 1688, the town was deserted for about 30 years and later repopulated. It was following this new settlement that Chiprovtsi became a major centre of the Bulgarian carpet industry.

The museum is opened daily from 08:00 till 17:00 (with an hour rest at noon). Saturday and Sunday it works from 09:00 till 17:00. Tickets prices are - 3 levs for adults and 1 lev for studends and old people.