The mound necropolis in the Propada area

The mound necropolis consists of over 40 mounds of different size. The diggings of the site started in 1979. Two kinds of burial equipment have been found. A certain part of them are graves, dug into the ground and faced with flag-stones. Four different in architecture and time of building tombs have been discovered as well, including a Thracian beehive tomb dating from the 5th-6th C. B.C., two Roman tombs dating from the 2d-4th C. B.C. and a Roman vaulted tomb, built with stone and bricks.

The mound necropolis in the Propada area is situated in Strandzha mountain, 3 km northwest of the town of Malko Tarnovo. You should take the new-built road in order to exit the town. In 300 m. there is a fork - a dirt road, leading to an old stone-pit. At the end of the road there is a parking and signs, which should guide you.