The tombs by Pchelari village

The tombs by the village of Pchelari are located in the Eastern Rhodopes, about 47 km to the south of the town of Haskovo. They are carved in the vulcanic rocks on the south slope of Karakaya, close to the north bank of the Arda river. The whole area is rich in ancient monuments but at this particular site there are two tombs. The one on the pictures above is called Kara in and is the bigger and more impressive of the two. The other one is located about one hundred metres to the west.

The easiest way to visit the tombs by the village of Pchelari is by car. Before you plan your journey consider the fact that the last part of the trip goes through the fields next to the river Arda. If the soil is dry you should probably have no problems there but if it is muddy it will be very hard drive unless you have a 4x4 car.

The way to the tombs starts from the informational centre dedicated to the biodiversity in the valley of the Arda river. It is a small white building located between the villages of Pchelari and Oreshari, to the north of the river. In front of it there is a turning. Leave the main road here and drive towards the buildings with the high walls. Shortly after them the road will take you to an industrial building right next to the river. At the fork here go left. Continue along the path parallel to the river for another 2.5 km. You will reach a line of the trees across the field (the 2nd one, the first you have to pass by). Turn right and drive until you get to the end of the field. The tombs are carved in the rocks right above you. Look around for what have left from the informational signs. Behind them starts an overgrown trail. It will take you to the bigger tomb 'Kara in'.