Chakar Voivoda hut

Chakar Voivoda hut is located in the Rila Mountains, northeast of the their highest peak Musala. The ski resort Borovets, which is the most popular starting point for hikes up to the hut, is three hours away. The hut is built at an altitude of around 1930 metres above the sea level, close to the edge of the beautiful coniferous forest, which surrounds it. Just 15 minutes further up, there is a big meadow called Saragyolska polyana. From up there in a clear day the views towards the surrounding peaks are very impressive.

Chakar Voivoda hut is a two-storey building. There are 2 bedrooms on the first floor and 3 more on the second. It's open all year round. The guests can order beer, non-alcoholic drinks and food (bean and lentils soups, salads, etc.). In the dinning room there is a big stove (and is usually pleasantly warm), a small library with a few interesting titles in it (currently only in Bulgarian) and several board games which help to make the evenings funnier. Three solar panels generate the electricity needed for the lighting of the hut. The batteries may get low when there isn't enough sunlight to charge them during the day so please turn off the lights when you leave your room. The toilets are outside the main building.

Off season and on working days the place is very calm and idyllic. One could really enjoy the peaceful contact with the nature and with little luck it is possible to see some of the wild inhabitants of this serene part of the Rila Mountains. The company of Ivan and Eli, the hut keepers who have spent the better part of the last two decades taking care for the place, will make your stay even better. Ivan also works as a ranger in the Rila National Park, so he knows the mountain really well. Although his English is not absolutely fluent, he will be able to tell you a lot about the trails around the hut, the park and the animals that live in it.

The price is 12 levs per person per night. If you want to reserve a place, you can call Ivan. His phone number is + 359 896 715 926. In case he does answer the call, write him a short message or an email elentchev[at]

The distance between the Borovets ski resort and Chakar voivoda hut is about 7 km. There are minibuses which connects the town of Samokov with the resort. The buses from Sofia depart from the South bus station (link) and there is one every hour. If you travel by car keep in mind the parking inside the resort isn't free so check the road signs before you leave your car. Whichever means of transportation you choose to use, once you get to the resort look for Olymp hotel. To find it continue straight from the lift station (it is on the main street that enters the resort). Soon you will leave the last few buildings behind you and in less than 2 hundreds metres you will see a turning to the left. There is also a sign showing the direction to the hotel. Go that way. Above the hotels building you will see a dirt path (a ski path in the winter). Turn left (to the east) and follow the white-red-white signs painted on the trunks of the trees. They will take you all the way to the hut. If you want to shorten the walk, you can take the Sitnyakovo chair lift. Its starts from Borovets ski resort, the price of the ticket is 20 levs per person. Once you get to its upper station, follow the ski path (not the ski run) until you get to a big wooden building. There turn left and follow the white-red-white marks which will take you to Chakar Voivoda hut in about an hour or less.