Chavdar hut

Chavdar hut is built on the southern slope of the Balkan Mountains, not far from Peak Baba. This part of the mountain lays east of Sofia, between the Arabakonak pass and Zlatishki pass. Its proximity to the capital makes the area good for one or two day trips out of the town, though most of the tourists will prefer to visit better known destinations like the Seven Rila Lakes, Malyovitsa or even Cherni Vrah in Vitosha.

Chavdar hut is open year-round. Ivo, the person who manage the place, is present most of the time but it is still a good idea to call him in advance especially if you plan to stay overnight. His phone number is +359 (0) 897 783 199. The sleeping rooms are well tended, the sheets and the blankets are clean and the mattresses seem to be new. Overall the conditions are good. There is also a common dinning room where you can order coffee, beer or some other non-alcoholic drinks. Soups are also being served. The toilets, which are located on the first floor of the hut, are also clean.

Schematic map of the area next to Chavdar hut

The easiest way to Chavdar hut starts at the village of Bunovo, which is located 60 km east of Sofia. You can get there by train from Sofia Central train station for a bit less than 2 hours (check the current train schedule on this page). Once you are at the Bunovo train station, follow the asphalt road that goes down to the village's center and from there take the dirt path which goes along the river. You will see white-blue-white markings painted on rocks and trees next to the road. Follow them and within two hours walking you will reach the hut.