Chemerikova Polyana

Chemerikova Polyana (polyana in Bulgarian means glade) is located in the Pirin Mountains, in their central part, between the areas of Askerski Kolibi and Mravchena Polyana. It is called this way after the name of a plant that grows there - Chemerika (Veratrum). The place is rarely visited by tourists though the section of international long-distance path E4 between the huts of Pirin and Popovi Livadi passes here. The path between the two huts is well marked (white-red-white stripes) as a result of the efforts of Dimitar - the hut keeper of Popovi Livadi who is trying to revive the tourists interest towards this lesser known part of the Pirin Mountain. The distance from hut Popovi Livadi to Chemerikova polyana is usually taken for about 2 hours (in the summer). To walk there from hut Pirin you may need around 4 hours or so.