Hristo Smirnenski hut

Hut 'Hristo Smirnenski' is located in the eastern part of the Rila Mountains at altitude of around 1860 metres. It is a three-storey building which can accommodate up to 60 people and works all year round. There is an asphalt road next to building and tourist usually visit this place by car. The best route from Sofia is via Belovo and Yundola though some may find the road from the village of Sestrimo more picturesque.

In the hut there are 3 double rooms, 9 triple rooms and 2 apartments which have a bedroom and a second room. All double and triple rooms have their own bathrooms. The accommodation is not comparable to the one you will find in the capital's hotels but is more or less standart for a mountain hut in Bulgaria. The rooms are well heated (especially those on the first floor) and the baths seems to be regularly cleaned. There are 2 bungalows next to the main building. The bigger one has 6 double rooms and the other can accommodate up to 6 persons and has its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Hut 'Hristo Smirnenski' has a restaurant. The menu includes specialties like steaks, lamb and mutton chops, meatballs made of veal, lamb soup, rice with boletus, bean soup with dried meat and etc.

In the winter visitors can go skiing though keep in mind that the 380 metres long ski run will probably be of interest to only those of you whose skiing skills are rather basic. Yet the price is low - just 15 levs per day. If you don't have your own equipment, renting one will cost you another 15 levs (don't expect brand new boots or skis). Due to the more and more warmer winter seasons, good skiing conditions at that altitude are now a days a rare event so it is highly recommended to call the hut before you go skiing in that area.

The place offers to its visitors the option to relax in the hut's sauna for a price of 20 levs (for a group of 4 people or more the price is 5 levs per person).

The prices in December 2019 are as follow:
20 lev per night per person for staying in the rooms which have a bathroom. The price is the same for the bungalows. Breakfast is included.
30 levs per night with included breakfast, dinner and supper
15 lev per night for the rooms with 4 and more beds which share a common bathroom, breakfast included.
Children under age of 6 stay for free and those between 6 and 12 pay 50% of the price.

Contacts: + 359 877 055 585 (Bulgarian and Russian only), +359 879 055 002.

How to get to Hristo Smirnenski hut

The hut is located next to the asphalt road which connects Belmeken dam lake (one of the highest in Bulgaria - 1923 m a.s.l.) and the locality of Yundola. If you want to get there by car there are two option. The first one is to start from the village of Sestrimo and pass by the Belmeken dam on your way to the hut. Although that this variant is very beautiful, the road from Sestrimo to the dam lake is narrow, with many sharp curves and some potholes. The road from Yundola is wider and in a much better condition.