Kazana Shelter

Kazana shelter (also known as Eltepe shelter) is a small building located at 2445 m a.s.l. in the Pirin Mountains, northeast of peak Vihren, within the borders of the Pirin National Park. It is built on top of a small ridge, between the cirques of Golyam Kazan (the Big Cauldron) and Malak Kazan (the Small Cauldron). In the area nearby there are no sources of drinking water, nor there is a toilet. Therefore staying in the shelter is not recommended except in cases of emergency (bad weather, accidents and etc.). Not far are the mountain huts of Vihren and Banderitsa, both offering more comfortable conditions.

Kazana shelter was built for the purposes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the middle of the 50’s last century. At that time the glacierets in the area were surveyed and the scientific workers needed a place to stay overnight. Later the shelter was also used by the alpinist who climbed the north face of peak Vihren. More detailed information about the glacierets in the area can be found here. Information about the climbing routes on the north face of peak Vihren is available here.

The shortest paths to Kazana shelter start from the hut Vihren and hut Bunderitsa. The first option follows the marked trail (white-red-white signs) between the hut Vihren and peak Vihren, part of the European long-distance path E4. About 15-20 minutes after the climb starts, the trail crosses a stream and soon after splits. The path to the right goes around the peak Vihren and will take you to Kazana shelter for about an hour or so.

The path from hut Bunderitsa is marked with white-green-white signs and takes about an hour and a half as well.

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