Kobilino Branishte shelter

Kobilino Branishte Shelter is a wooden building with a small anteroom and a room with plank beds that could accommodate about 16 people. There are two tables, a few chairs and a stove inside. In October 2015, when I last saw it, it was in a bad condition – the front door was hanging on one of its hinges; inside it was dirty; the blankets and mattresses were also dirty and ragged. In this condition, the shelter doesn’t provide even basic comfort so it might be a better idea for you to choose the nearby Strashnoto Ezero (The Scary Lake) Shelter as a place to spend the night. Kobilino Branishte Shelter could do only in extreme situations when comfort is your last thing to worry about. There is water about 150m to the west. The toilet is outside and is almost dilapidated.

Kobilino Branishte Shelter is located on the eponymous saddle at 2145m of altitude, on the border between Northwestern and Middle Rila. A starting point to the shelter is Kirilova Polyana, 7km away from the Rila Monastery on an asphalt road. There is parking space on Kirilova Polyana. The hike to Kobilino Branishte Shelter takes around 2 and a half hours, most of the time being ascent. The path is line-marked and goes around Suhoto Ezero (The Dry Lake). In clear weather, while ascending, you can have a beautiful view to the vertical rocky slopes of the peaks situated between the two highest peaks in the Malyovitsa part of Northwestern Rila – Golyam Kupen (2731m) and Malyovitsa (2729m).