Malyovishki Ezera

Malyovishki ezera is a group of three small lakes located in the Rila Mountains

They are surrounded by several peaks - Malka Malyovitsa, Orleto, Malyovitsa and Ushite, all of them higher than two thousand metres. The most imposing is Malyovitsa, which northeast side is a nearly vertical rock wall about 200 metres in height. There are many climbing routes on it (some bolted but mostly trad climbing routes). For more info about what can be climbed there check this online climbing guide.

During the active climbing season the area next to the lakes is often used for camping. Officially on the territory of the Rila National Park it is forbidden to camp outside the designated areas. If you however decide to camp there, do your best to minimize the impact of your stay and keep in mind that you are violating the park regulations. If get caught, you will be fined.

A starting point that is often used for hikes up to Malyovishki Ezera is TsPSh Malyovitsa. TsPSh stands for Tsentralna Planinska Shkola - a former Central Mountaineering School where the Bulgarian alpinists used to train back in the time. It is located in the valley of Malyovitsa river, at altitude of 1713 m a.s.l., just above the tree line. An asphalt road connects it with the villages down at the foot of the mountain (Govedartsi, Madzhare, Mala Tsarkva). If you are travelling by car, you won't have any problems to recognize the place because the road ends there. There are two car parks, one paid and one free. To get to TsPSh by public transport, you need first to go to the town of Samokov (60 km south of Sofia). From there a minibus travels twice a day, once at 8.15 h and once at 16.15 h (from TsPSh the minibus departs 10.15 and 18.15).

From the TsPSh follow the marked path (white-blue-white colours) that goes south. It will take you to Malyovitsa hut (50 minutes) from where you have two options. One is to take the so-called Zaeshkata pateka (the Rabbit trail), named after the the first person that was in charge of the hut many years ago - Vasil Bibin-Zaeko. It crosses the shrubs north of the hut and with a steep climb gets to the top of Kalbura ridge. There it turns left and in few hundreds metres reaches the lakes. If you choose that way, be careful. At the place where the trail gets close to the rocks there is a danger of falling stones especially if somebody climbs at that time. The trail is also very steep and probably not suitable for people who are not fit or have little experience with walking on rough terrain.

The other option is to climb Kalbura ridge via a steep gully called Ovcharskia Ulei. To do that you need to pass the hut and continue along the trail to Malyovitsa summit (white-red-white marks). About 15-20 minutes after you have left the hut behind, you will get to the First terrace. It is the first big level area after the river is crossed. Leave the main marked path here and cross the river again. You will see a big boulder. Next to it starts a narrow trail marked with stone pyramids. It swiftly gains height and in 20-30 minutes will take you to the first lake. A word of caution, this path is also steep and not good for people that are not physically fit.