Malyovitsa hut

Malyovitsa hut is a three-storey building with a spacious lounge and a bar where the guests can order food and drinks. The entire second floor of the building has been recently renovated. The rooms are in a pretty decent condition. Each has a new flooring, new beds, sheets, etc. At the end of the corridor there is a sink and 2 shared toilets, which are also renovated. Next door is a shared bathroom. Outside, between the two buildings, there is another sink.

If you prefer to camp, you can pitch a tent next to the hut on the side of the river. This place is one of the few in the Rila National Park where camping is officially allowed.

There are many options for one day hikes in the area. The most popular destination is peak Malyovitsa. Go to its top an and then back to the hut takes about 5-6 hours. Other possible destinations are Strashnoto Ezero and Orlovets Shelter. For those who do some rock climbing - there are many climbing routes on the ridge west of the hut. Many of the are bolted but there are some trad routes as well. The place is perfect for climbing in July and August, when the weather in many of the other climbing locations around the country is simply too hot for climbing. If you want to climb in the area next to hut check this website.

Malyovitsa hut is part of the European long distance path E4, which Bulgarian section starts from the capital Sofia and goes through some of the highest mountain ranges in Bulgaria - Vitosha, Verila, Rila Mountains, Pirin Mountains and Slavyanka.

Schematic map of the area next to hut Malyovitsa

A starting point that is often used for hikes up to Malyovishki Ezera is TsPSh Malyovitsa. TsPSh stands for Tsentralna Planinska Shkola - a former Central Mountaineering School where the Bulgarian alpinists used to train back in the time. It is located in the valley of Malyovitsa river, at altitude of 1713 m a.s.l., just above the tree line. An asphalt road connects it with the villages down at the foot of the mountain (Govedartsi, Madzhare, Mala Tsarkva). If you are travelling by car, you won't have any problems to recognize the place because the road ends there. There are two car parks, one paid and one free. To get to TsPSh by public transport, you need first to go to the town of Samokov (60 km south of Sofia). From there a minibus travels twice a day, once at 8.15 h and once at 16.15 h (from TsPSh the minibus departs 10.15 and 18.15).

The path to Malyovitsa hut starts from the meadow in front of the mountain school. Look for the wooden gate next to the ski run. After you pass the gate, just follow the road. It will take you to hut for about an hour. Along your way there are two places where you can refill you bottles with water so you don't need to take much from the start.