Muratovo lake

Muratovo lake is located at altitude of 2230 m a.s.l. in Northern Pirin Mountains, not far from Vihren hut. It is a good destination for a short hike up in the Pirin mountain. In less than an hour walking from the aforementioned hut you can get to a lovely mountain lake and enjoy not only the fresh air but also the beautiful views towards the nearby summits. They are particularly impressive in the evenings, when the light is coming from behind. Then the lake surface turns into a mountain mirror that reflects the forms and colours of the surrounding ridges. Not a big surprise that many photographers find this place to be one of their favourites.

To get to Muratovo Ezero follow the marked path (white-yellow-white signs) that starts from the car park in front of Vihren hut. It goes along the river, climbing gradually towards the lake. The last section, right before the lake, is somewhat steep. 

schematic map of the area next the Muratovo Ezero

On the way back to Vihren hut, if you don't want to retrace your steps, there is another trail that starts 200 metres south-east from the lake. It crosses the river and continues south-east. For about 20 minutes that trail will take you to another, bigger mountain lake. It is called Ribno Ezero. Not far from where its waters flow out of the lake, giving birth of Banderitsa river, you will find the marked path from Vihren hut to Tevnoto Ezero. Go down that way and within an hour you will be back at the car park.

Some of the nearby places of interest are:
Ribno lake - 20 min
Dalgoto lake - 1 h
Hut Sinanitsa - 2 h 30 min
The shelter of Spano pole - 2 h 30 min