Orlovets peak

Orlovets peak is 2686 m high. It is located in the northwestern part of the mountains, roughly 3 hours away of Malyovitsa hut. East of it are two other peaks - Zliya Zab and Dvuglav, to the west is Malyovitsa peak. The deep valley of Rilska river separates Orlovets from the Brichebor ridge to the south. If you follow the path of the river you will see somewhere down there the building ot the Rila Monastery but no path or trail goes this way from the top. Its southern slopes are very steep and the terrain is rough. The gully of Siniya Ulei runs down, fenced from its left side by the sheer rock walls of Dvuglav and the tower of Iglata (the Needle).

Orlovets peak is most easily accessible from the north. A trail starts from the shelter of Orlovets and goes up the steep gully that ends at the saddle between Orlovets and Zliya zab. It is marked with small stone pyramids. If you go that way be careful - the terrain is rough and falling is easy. Once you get to the saddle, turn right and follow the path that goes round the ridge and climbs the top from the south. Don't go that way if the slope is still covered by snow.