Peak Golyam Kupen

Peak Golyam Kupen (2731 m) is the highest in the north-western part of the Rila Mountains. It is located to the east of the valley of Malyovitsa river, between the peaks of Popova Kapa and Lovnitsa, about 3 and half hours away from Malyovitsa hut. The easiest way to the top starts from Strashnoto Ezero shelter. It is not a marked path, but small stone pyramids will show you the right way. The trail starts at the northern shore of the lake and soon after that it forks. The first option is to head to the right and follow the ridge that descends from the peak in northwestern direction. There is one more ascent option: in it the path comes out on the saddle between Malak kupen and Popova kapa.

You can also reach Golyam Kupen Peak by following the trail that starts from Orlovets shelter. It climbs Lovnitsa Peak then keeps close to the top of the rigde. In the summer walking along that path isn’t a problem, although one has to cross several steep slopes in the section between the peaks Lovnitsa and Kupena. Slipping here is generally not a good idea and in case the weather turns bad, there is no easy way out of this route. And finnaly, walking outside the marked tourist paths is not allowed in the Rila National Park.

The third option to get to peak Golyam Kupen is to take the path that goes to the top of peak Popova Kapa Peak (the one east of Golyam Kupen) and then to follow the ridge; the path crosses the southern slope of Malak Kupen, then climbs to the top of peak Sreden Kupen and finally reaches Golyam Kupen.