Peak Kamilata

Peak Kamilata (The Camel) is located in the Northwestern part of Rila, next to Orlovets shelter. It is 2621 m high. Observed from the south the top of the peak resembles in shape a laying camel. On a clear day there is a beautiful view towards the peaks of Kupenite, Lovnitsa, Zlia Zab, Orlovets and Malyovitsa (starting from southeast and going clockwise).

A convinient starting point for hikes up to the summit of Kamilata is Tse-Pe-She "Malyovitsa" (Malyovitsa Central Mountain School). The path starts from the wooden gate which marks the begging of the Rila National Park (it's on the western side of the meadow in front of the building of the former school, after the ski run). In 45 minutes you will get to Malyovitsa hut. Continue south along the river bed (folloing the white-red-white marks) until you reach a big boulder with memorial tiles on it. Here make a left turn, cross the river and go up along the path that is marked with white-blue-white marks). It climbs steeply up but the Orlovets shelter is not far away and in about 50 minutes you will reach it. The peak Kamilata is the one north of the shelter. Once you have seen the specific form of the rocks at its top you won't have any doubts which one it is. The trail that goes to top is clearly vissible from the shelter.