Peak Ushite

Peak Ushite (2547 m) is located in the Northwestern Rila, next to the better known peak of Malyovitsa. The southern side of Ushite is a vertical granit rock wall about 100 metres in height. For those who do rock climbing - there are several climbing routes on it (trad, sport and alpine), varying in difficulty between 5+ and 8+. More information about them can be found on the climbinguidebg website.

The trail to peak Ushite starts from Malyovitsa hut. It climbs up the ridge of Kalbura, then passes by a group of tree glacial lakes called Malyovishki ezera . Finaly it reaches the saddle that separates peak Ushite from peak Malyovitsa. There you need to turn right and to follow the highest part of the ridge until you get below the two massive rocks. The first one is called Malko Uho and the one behind it is Golyamo Uho. There is a steep gulley covered with grass between them. Down it goes the way to the beginning of the climbing routes. Better don't go that way unless you are going to climb. The whole area is within the borders of Rila National Park where tourists are not allowed to go outside the marked tourist paths.