Ribni Ezera

Ribni Ezera is a group of two lakes located in the Rila Mountains at an altitude of about 2200 m a.s.l.

The lakes are also called Rilski Ribni Ezera or Kyoravishki. They are situated at the head of the valley of Rilska reka, between the peaks of Yosifitsa (2697 m), Kanarata (2691 m) and Kyoravitsa (2612 m). The area is roughly 6 hours of walking away from the Rila Monastery and is relatively less visited by tourists compared to other localities in the Rila Mountains as for example the Seven Rila Lakes or Malyovitsa region.

Next to Ribni Ezera there is a hut that has the same name as the lakes. It is a two-storey building which works from late spring till late in the autumn. During the winter season the hut stays open but there is no staff and you will find a wood burning stove only in the dinning hall on the first floor. You may or may not be able to light a fire depending on how skilful you are and how wet are the woods that are left (if there are any at all).