Rozova Polyana Shelter

Rozova Polyana (or Rose Field) Shelter is located in Belasitsa - a mountain range in the south-western part of the country. The easiest way to get to the shelter is to begin from the nearby town of Petrich which you can reach either by car or bus via the main road from Sofia towards the Greek border. Another option is to travel by train which, although much slower, allows for a nice opportunity to see the valley of the Struma river better as well as the very impressive and beautiful Kresna Gorge. Once in the town you have to cross over it to get to its southern side where the local stadium is.

There are two trails to the shelter - both marked and easy to follow. Traditionally the markings in Bulgaria are painted on the trees or rocks next to the trail and their main colour is surrounded by two white stripes. The yellow marks start from Manush Georgiev Street and steadily go up following the highest part of a side ridge. This trail is shorter and steeper and passes by some very old chestnut trees. The red marks start from the stadium (Vrah Buzdludzha Street) and although this path isn't as steep as the first one, following it does mean you have to walk on an asphalt road for a while. The two trails merge a few hundred metres before the shelter. Usually, covering the distance from the town of Petrich requires around 2-3 hours.