Sedemte Ezera mountain hut

Sedemte Ezera hut (translated Seven Lakes hut) is built next to one of the Seven Rila Lakes. They are located in the northwestern part of the Rila mountains and without any doubt are the most popular mountain destination in Bulgaria. The beauty of these glacial lakes and the scenery that surrounds them attract thousands of tourists each year. One of the main paths in the area passes by Sedemte ezera hut and many tourists pass by the hut almost everyday in high season.

Unfortunately, the place has somewhat dilapidated look and that turns part of the people away. The rooms are not dirty (well, at least those that I have slept in), but everything - the beds, the mattresses, the blankets, the floor paint if you wish, looks old. Why is the hut left like that I really don't know. Part of the explanation probably is the proximity of another, bigger hut nearby. Rilski Ezera hut is located just 50 minutes away next to the lift station. It is a multi-storey building which has several hotel like rooms with TVs, toilet, hot water and etc. Yet it lacks the atmosphere of a high mountain refuge and for sure its location is no match for the one of the Sedemte Ezera hut.

Whatever is the reason for the condition of Sedemte Ezera hut, if you are going to stay there I recommend you to bring a sleeping bag and also to reserve a place well in advance. You can try to do that by calling the hut keeper, whose phone number is +359 (0) 882 506 060. I am not very sure what foreign languages he speaks. In August, when the members of the spiritual movement the White Brotherhood gather in the area for their yearly festival called Paneurhythmie, the hut is usually full to the brim. Definitely call in advance if you planning a visit at that part of the year.