Suhodolsko ezero

Suhodolsko Ezero (Suhodolsko lake) is a small lake located in the Northern Pirin mountain at 2312 m above the sea level. Nearby passes the marked trail, part of the European long-distance path E-4, which connects Iavorov hut with Vihren hut. This route between the two huts is considered by some people to be one of the most interesting in the Pirin mountain. It traverses the beautiful Marble ridge and its most impressive part - the Koncheto saddle, passes by the Kontcheto shelter and climbs the two highest summits in the Pirin mountain - Vihren (2914 m) and Kutelo (2908 m). The Suhodolsko lake is the last place where you can refill your bottles before you get to the dry and exposed Marble ridge. Some tourists even camp here although officially this is not allowed (camping outside the designated areas is forbidden in the Pirin National park).

To get to the lake you best start from the Betolovoto locality which is about 7 km to the south-west of the town of Razlog. Twelve hundred metres after you pass the entrance of Pirin Golf & Country Club you will see some informational signs to the left. This is where a marked trail (white-yellow-white marks) leaves the asphalt road and heads to the nearby mountains. What follows is short but steep uphill walking - 3.5 km and 673 metres of altitude. In an hour or so you will get to the Iavorov hut. It's a nice place to rest. The hut's restaurant offers beverages and good food for a reasonable price.
The second part of the hike to the Suhodolsko lake takes about 1 h 45 min more. Continue following the white-yellow-white signs which are now mixed with the white-red-white marks of the E-4 path. The trails climbs steadily up with a one relatively steep part right before you reach the lake.