Tevno Ezero shelter

The Tevno Ezero (Tevno Lake) Shelter is a two-storey building. On the first storey there’s a canteen and on the second – a sleeping space with two rows of plank beds, accommodating about 30 people. There is extra sleeping space in the shelter’s extensions. If necessary, people can spend the night in the canteen or in the tents pitched by the hut keepers. There are toilets outside and you can get water from the nearby fountain. There is permanent staff in the period between May and November. The shelter also offers food.
For more information and bookings: +359 (0) 896 688 467 ; +359 (0) 886 397 268. There’s no network coverage in the area around the shelter, so, to book a bed, send a text message to the abovementioned numbers.

Schematic map of the area next to Tevno Ezero shelter

Tevno Ezero Shelter is built in Northern Pirin, in the Belemeto Cirque, near the eponymous lake, at 2515m of altitude. In the summer, starting points towards the shelter could be:
Vihren Hut (7h)
Demyanitsa Hut (3h)
Bezbog Hut (3h 30min)
Yane Sandanski Hut (5h)