The shelter of Spano Pole

The Spano Pole shelter is located at 2055 metres above the sea level in the Northern Pirin Mountains, within the borders of the Pirin National park.

The shelter has one main building and 10 smaller houses that often are called ‘gabkite’ (‘the mushrooms’) because of the way their roofs are painted. Inside the main building there are a kitchen, a dining room and 4 sleeping rooms that accommodate up to 4 people each. The smaller houses are not heated and are used by tourists only in the warmer part of the year. Each is furnished with 2 separate beds.

Probably the easiest though not necessarily the most interesting way to Spano Pole shelter starts from Popina Laka locality. Though this path is short and easy, getting to Popina Laka locality itself is unfortunately not as straightforward task as one would wish. A 20 km long asphalt road connects the place with the town of Sandanski.