The stone shelter ‘BAK’

This very basic shelter was built by members of the Bulgarian Alpine Club back in 1934. Its main function was to provide a temporary protection from bad weather. Nowadays its name - BAK, which is an abbreviation of Bulgarian Alpine Club, is often used to denote the bigger and more modern shelter that is built on a hilltop nearby.

A starting point to the stone shelter of ‘BAK’ is Tse-Pe-She "Malyovitsa" (Malyovitsa Central Mountain School) which you can get to by car. It’s 26km away from the town of Samokov. At the beginning of the complex there’s a paid parking site and a bit further above there are two more free-access parking sites. There are buses from Samokov to Malyovitsa Central Mountain School twice a day, at 08:15 in the morning and then at 16:15 in the afternoon (for more information, Samokov Bus Station’s phone number is 0722 / 6-65-40).

From Malyovitsa Central Mountain School, the trail to ‘BAK’ follows the one to Malyovitsa (50min) and then goes up along the course of the Malyovitsa River to Vtora Terasa (30min) on a red-marked path. The two paths separate at the rock with memorial tiles of perished alpinists and mountaineers. The red marking goes on towards Elenski Ezera and Malyovitsa Peak. The path towards ‘BAK’ forks to the east, crosses the river, steeply ascends the southwestern slope of Kamilata Peak. You have to follow the painted markings until you reach a flat area where you will see a small table and several sitting places made of stones. From here look for the stone pyramids. They will take you to the stone shelter which is located at the lowest part between the peak Orlovets and the new shelter.