Radomir Peak

Raising steeply above the surrounding valleys the summit of Radomir is an appealing mountain destination for those exploring the south-western part of Bulgaria.

Peak Radomir is the highest point of the Belasitsa Mountain (Greek name Kerkini or Beles). It is 2029 metres high and resembles in shape a pyramid when looked from west or northwest. It has a steep, treeless southern slope but the northern one, which is less steeper, is covered with forests and cut by many ravines. Formerly the peak name was Kalabak but in 1942 it was renamed to Radomir in honour of the Bulgarian tsar from 11th century - Gavril Radomir. Its present-day Greek name is Kalampaka. Though Belasitsa Mountain and the summit of Radomir are not as popular and well known as for example the Rila and Pirin Mountains are, they are visited by many of tourists who are keen to learn more about the Bulgarian mountains. 

From the top of Peak Radomir you can see the lands of a three countries - Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. Look to the north-east and you may glimpse the distant ridges and peaks of the Pirin and Rila Mountains. In that direction but closer are the valleys of the rivers Struma and Strumeshnitsa and the many villages that are built in these fertile lands. In the east, beyond the river of Struma, lies another mountain - Slavianka (old name Alibotush, in Greek - Orvilos). To the south of Radomir is Lake Kerkini which is known to be one of the most famous birding sites in Greece. To the west the rest of the mountain range gently slopes down in direction of the Peak Tumba.

Depending on how many days you have a hike to peak Radomir can be combined with a visit to the mineral springs of the nearby town of Sandanski or with wine degustation tour to Melnik.