Karadzhov Kamak

A beautiful, still well preserved area of the Northern Rhodopes, Central Bulgaria

50 km south-east of Plovdiv, two ridges after you leave the Thracian plain behind, there is a place called Karadzhov Kamak. Its surrounding area attracts with fresh air, good panoramic views, old forests, a clean mountain river, several impressive rock formations including Karadzhov Kamak, but also Belintash and Haiduktash and on top of that - a small hamlet with well preserved stone houses where you will find interesting examples of the traditional local architecture. These features can be combined into a several hours long hike and that makes Karadzhov Kamak a good one day trip destination for those who are spending some time in Plovdiv.

Schematic map of the area next to Karadzhov Kamak

If you travel by car, there are two ways to get there. From the town of Asenovgrad you can either continue further south along the road towards Pamporovo and Smolyan in the direction of Krastova Gora, or you can head for the village of Mostovo by crossing the town and following the road which goes to Kardzhali. It takes about an hour longer to get from Plovdiv to Krastova gora than from Plovdiv to Mostovo.

In case you choose the path to Krastova Gora, you can make the program of your one daytrip to Karadzhov Kamak even more interesting by visiting Bachkovo Monastery. It was founded in 1083 and today is one of the main tourist attractions of Bulgaria. Unfortunately because of the great number of people who often visit it, its authentic look has been somewhat lost. No matter that the monastery is still an impressive example of the Orthodox religious architecture and the murals (some of which are several centuries old) are without a doubt great masterpieces. You may feel assured that the extra effort to stop and see the place will be richly rewarded with a refined aesthetic pleasure.