Milevi Skali

Milevi skali is a summit located in the northwestern part of the Rhodopes. From the top of it there is a beautiful panoramic view towards most of the ridges and summits in this part of the mountain. Its southern slopes are steep and rocky which makes the view even more picturesque. Well, the aerials on the top spoils the whole picture a bit and so does the old totalitarian monument.

One way for going to the top is to take the train to Septemvri and then get on the narrow gauge train for two stops (station Marko Nikolov). Cross the river, turn right and after 20 metres go left. Follow the the road up the hill until you get to hut 'Ravno bore'. The right path to Milevi skali is marked with white-red-white signs so keep an eye on them. Once you reach the hut you are more or less half way there. Well, actually that isn't quite right since you have to climb for another 6 km and 800 m of altitude. When you are almost there you will see an asphalt road. The white-red-white marks continue to the right in direction to the closed hut 'Milevi skali'. Turn left, follow the road and in few minutes you will get to the top.
If you want you can get to the top by car. There is an asphalt road from the village of Semchinovo. It's narrow but in a relatively good condition with few potholes here and there (plus a few parts where the situation isn't that nice).