Polska Skakavitsa waterfall

Polska skakavitsa waterfall is a wonderful choice for a one-day trip. There is a meadow a little way off Struma river, in the foot of the waterfall. Except for enjoying the beauty of the place, you can play badminton there, stretch your hammock in the shade between two trees and read a book or just walk around looking for interesting objects to shoot. In case you have forgotten to take water, by the houses above the waterfall there is a tap you can use.

Polska skakavitsa waterfall is situated in Konyavska mountain between the towns of Zemen and Kyustendil. You can reach it by train, just get off at Skakavitsa station (about 1 h 20 min. from Pernik) and go to the south. By the rails lies a path which will take you to the foot of the waterfall in approximately 25 min. If you travel by car go to the north towards Zlogosh village from Dragovishtitsa village, 12 km on the north of Kyustendil. About 6 km from the village there is a fork on the right for Polska skakavitsa village. It is located just over the waterfall. In order to get to its foot, go on foot down the dirt road which is an extension of the road you come from. Soon it will transform into a path that will take you to Struma river not far from the waterfall.