The Trigrad Gorge

The Trigrad gorge is a beautiful defile located in the Wester Rhodopes between the villages of Gyovren and Trigrad. It is several kilometres long and there are parts of it where the cliffs surrounding the Trigrad River are higher than 200 metres. It is a very beautiful place in a relatively unspoiled part of the mountain, which is visited by many tourists each year. If you are a hiker there are plenty of options for nice walks. The European long-distance path E-8, which in Bulgaria goes all the way from the resort of Borovets in the Rila mountain to the village of Mezek near the Turkish border (famous with its two cultural heritage sites - a very well preserved Thracian tomb and a mediaeval fortress), passes by the gorge as well.

Another interesting places nearby are the Devil's Troat cave (Dyavolskoto garlo), Haramiyska cave, the village of Kesten, Chairski ezera (Chairski Lakes), Iagodina cave and others.

The area is in the southernmost of the Bulgarian part of the Rhodopes, close to the national border with Greece. To get there from Sofia (or any other big city in the country) you have to drive through the mountain for a couple of hours. There is an asphalt road that follows the Trigrad River and connects the villages of Gyovren and Trigrad. It starts from the village of Teshel, which is located on the main road from Devin to Dospat.