The waterfalls near the village of Fotinovo

The waterfalls nearby the village of Fotinovo (or Fotinski waterfalls) are located in the Rhodope mountains, to the east of the town of Batak and 3 km northeast of Fotinovo. To get there by car drive along the way between the town of Peshtera and Batak. 12 km after Peshtera you will see a turning to the left and signs showing the direction to the villages of Nova mahala and Fotinovo. What follows is 16 km of a rather steep, beautiful mountain road with many curves and beautiful views here and there. What is even better is the fact that compared to the majority of the roads in Bulgaria, this one is in a pretty decent condition and especially the last part of it, which is brand new. All this makes the trip to Fotinski waterfalls pleasant and if you are travelling in the region and you have some free time, I would recommend it.

Once you get to the village of Fotinovo, drive along the main road. Shortly you will see the building of the town hall. Depending on how much time you have you can leave your car here and walk. There are some nice old buildings in the village and the place in general is quite lovely, so it may be nice to see more of it. Just keep going down in direction of the river and once you get there, look for the dirt road that follows it. In case you are in a hurry or you don't want to climb all the way back to the city hall on the way back (the village is built on a hill slope) you can continue driving for another few hundreds metres. If you decide to do so, from the town hall turn left, then on the next intersection go right and keep following what seems to be the main road (two more left turns). It's covered with cobbles and goes northeast towards the river. Its end is near a sawmill. Leave your car here and continue on foot. There is a dirt path that starts behind the building of the sawmill and follows the river. It will take you to the waterfalls.

The last part of the hike is rather steep. There are two trails that starts from the dirt road and go down to the river. The one to the left is steeper and may not be suitable for older people and for those who can't balance well enough. It goes to the first waterfall (the one you can see on third and fourth pictures up this page). The trail that goes right is also steep but certainly easier. It goes to the second and the third waterfalls and also to a place from where you can see not only the waterfalls but also the impressive rocks to the west of the river. I highly recommend you go there. The view is very beautiful.