Uhlovitsa cave

Uhlovitsa Cave was discovered in 1967. It’s included in the 100 National Tourist Sites list. About 300 metres of it are open for visitors. It is open from Wednesday till Sunday, from 10 am till 4 pm.

Uhlovitsa Cave is located in the Western Rhodope, near the village of Mogilitsa, 24km south of the town of Smolyan. To get to the cave from Smolyan, take the road to the villages of Chokmanovo, Smilyan and Koshnitsa. This road is at the eastern end of the town. There is a road from Smolyan to Koshnitsa via Turyan marked on some maps but you can’t get through its last section by car.

The cave is situated 2km after the village of Koshintsa, to the right of the road. There’s a 20-30-minute long ascent from the parking site to the entrance of the cave, with a staircase built over a section of it.