Vkamenenata Svatba

Vkamenenata svatba consists of volcanic tuffs which are fragile and easy to ruin. Examining this environmental sight you should obey only the paths that cross the region. Climbing the rocks or any other activities harmful to the wholeness of the formations are more than undesirable.

Vkamenenata svatba, also known as “ Kardzhaliyski piramidi” (The pyramids of Kardzhali) is a group of volcanic tuff rock formations, interestingly shaped and said to be about 35 million years old. Their height is between half a meter and 10 m. The differences in colours are due to the presence of iron and manganese oxides and hydrooxides, zeolites, clay minerals, volcanic glass and so on. If watched from afar, some of the rock formations resemble human figures and probably that's exactly what underlies the legend of the petrified wedding ceremony which the place is named after.