A beach strip, about 6.5km long, starts to the north of the village of Krapets. With the beaches on the southern coast having been overbuilt, more and more people who want to spend their holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast but avoid the hotels, the concrete and the crowds choose to go camping here. In August the place becomes quite lively. The beach is unguarded and the sea is not always calm because it’s exposed to the sea currents so be careful when going into the water. Another good tip for those of you who are planning to camp here in the summer is to bring a canopy tent and a sufficient amount of mosquito net so that you could provide the tent with walls and protect yourselves from the mosquitoes coming from the neighbouring Durankulak Lake. I have no idea whether the situation is the same every year but in the summer when I camped here with friends, there was a certain time every evening when hoards of mosquitoes would come out and the only consolation was for us to head down to the bar at the beginning of the beach. It wasn’t really that bad but if you wish to enjoy the evenings peacefully, you better consider the mosquitoes.

To get to the beach north of Krapets, enter the village and then turn left at the second cross street after the square (after the building of the village hall). Follow the road to the north for about 2km. The asphalt road ends at the entrance of the former camping site of Kravuna from where there’s a dirt road leading to the grove where people camp during the summer.