The village of Rezovo is located in the most southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, next to the border with Turkey. The area is interesting with its still well preserved environment. The shore here is rocky, with coves hidden between the cliffs. The village is small, with no big hotels and just a few bars and restaurants. There are a couple of family hotels and guesthouses and those located next to the sea have a very lovely view. 

The Silistar protected area, part of Strandzha nature park,  occupies the territory along the coast to the north of the village. There is a marked tourist path which starts from Rezovo that can take you through the protected area while following the coastline. Though the markings aren't clearly visible here and there the path itself is and you won't have problems to go along it. It forks from the asphalt road just before the first village's buildings. By following it you can reach the sandy beach of Silistar located in the middle of the distance between the village of Rezovo and the next village to the north called Sinemorets. The duration of the walk depends on how often you will stop to enjoy the beautiful views to the sea or to rest in the shadow of the oak trees. Roughly three hours should probably be enough.

Tips: Take a bottle of water and a snack with you. Bring a towel as well. That way if you decide to cool yourself in the sea and some more time in the area you won't be pressed to hurry back.

Best time to visit: The second part of June when everything is green and fireflies are to be seen in great numbers among the oak trees.

The village of Rezovo can be reached by car from Burgas for about an hour and a half. After the village of Sinemorets the road is narrow and there are some sharp turns. If you are hitchhiking it is good to know that the traffic in this part is usually rather weak. During the active tourist season most of the cars will probably be going only to Silistar. Anyway - last time I hitchhiked here we had just finished the walk from Rezovo to Sinemorets and though we did walk along the asphalt road for about an kilometre or so, at the end we were taken by a passing cargo car and successfully arrived in Rezovo. For the less adventures people there is a regular bus connection from the town of Burgas. The Burgas Bus Station South is located next to the train station. For up-to-date bus schedule you can call +359 (0) 885 754 058.