The coast in the region of Tyulenovo is high and rocky. You can go into the water from several places but in all of them the water is already deep. This may not be good news for people who can’t swim so well but it makes Tyulenovo a great spot for DWS climbing. You can find information about available tours here. In the beginning of August the place draws climbers from all over the country.

In addition to climbing, the Tylenovo area is also great for water jumping. I’ll abstain from pointing at specific places because this kind of entertainment is dangerous and everyone should check for herself or himself whether there are rocks under the landing spot and then weigh the risks. Otherwise, there’s a convenient place for going into the water at the southern end of the village. You can reach it by following the dirt road that starts from the bay with the fishing boats and goes along the coast or another dirt road that diverges from the asphalt road a bit before the sign with the name of the village.

There is a big shop in the centre of Shabla. In the village there are a couple of pubs, several hotels and also some quite nice guesthouses.

There are three ways to get to Tyulenovo. From the south there’s a road from Kavarna which goes through the village of Balgarevo and Kamen bryag. From the north there’s a road coming from Shabla. The third option is the way coming from the west. It diverges from the main road between the villages of Poruchik Chunchevo and Gorun. This road is picturesque but quite damaged.