The village of Gozdevitsa

The village of Gozdevitsa is located in a remote part of the Rhodopes, in a border area which for many years during the totalitarian period was accessible only with a permission from the authorities. Of course this is now just a part of the history of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the remoteness of the area and the lack of opportunities for the local people have resulted in a severe depopulation. The government policies have probably played their part as well. Whatever the reason, in 2015 the village had only one permanent inhabitant who told me that the rest of villagers come only for the summers and during the winter they stay with their relatives in the nearby villages or in the town of Smolyan.

Not far from Gozdevitsa is the spring of the Arda river, which is one of the biggest rivers in Bulgaria. The community centre NC 'Future now' located in the nearby village of Gudevitsa is also a place you may like to visit.

The village of Gozdevitsa is located in the Rhodopes, 37km south of the town of Smolyan, near the border with Greece. After Smolyan, follow the road through the villages of Koshnitsa, Smilyan, Mogilitsa. Once you get to the village of Arda look for the sign showing the direction to Gudevitsa. It is in the centre of the village next to a bridge. Cross it and continue straight. From here on the road is a little rough. At the first turning inside the village of Gudevitsa you have to turn left. In few hundreds metres the asphalt road will end. Leave your car somewhere there and walk the last part. You can also park somewhere in Gudevitsa. The walk between the two villages is quite nice and requires no more than 15 minutes.