The village of Gudevitsa

Gudevitsa is a small village with just a few permanent inhabitants. You might have heard about it in relation with the local ‘Badeshte sega’ (Future Now) community centre. It was thanks to its invitation that I found myself in this part of the Rhodope.

The village of Gudevitsa is located in the Rhodope, 37km south of the town of Smolyan, near the border with Greece. After Smolyan, follow the road through the villages of Koshnitsa, Smilyan, Mogilitsa and Arda. After Arda, the road becomes quite narrow, even broken at certain places, but you will manage to get through by car. There are many sights in the region so, if you’re traveling to Gudevitsa, make good use of your trip and take a look at the Uhlovitsa Cave located just before the village of Mogilitsa.