The village of Ortsevo

Ortsevo is located up in the Western Rhodopes at 1500m of altitude. There is a beautiful view towards the northern slopes of the Pirin mountains. The E-8 European long distance path passes nearby the village as well. And of course you have to meet Musa. Just visit the convinience store which is in the village's centre and ask for him. He is a local who knows a lot about the place and its history. He can also recommend you where to stay overnight in the village. You can find accommodation in the guest house Ortsevo (it has a great view towards the Pirin Mountains so I highly recommend it).

I’ve reached the village of Ortsevo on foot, from Avramovo railway station. The distance is approximately 15km and takes a bit over 3 hours of continuous walking on a gradually ascending dirt road. There’s a road for cars to Ortsevo which starts at the village of Kraishte on the main Razlog – Yundola road. The distance is about 22 km.