The village of Varbovo

The village of Varbovo is a calm place located in a beautiful area high in the Rhodope mountains. The 'St. George' church, built in 1871 is a beautiful example of the ecclesiastical architecture of the Revival period. Its mural paintings hold considerable artistic value. Varbovo has preserved the amazing architecture and the authentic atmosphere of an old Bulgarian village, in a sharp contrast to the mindless "restorations" of so many modern tourist traps.

Varbovo village is situated in the western Rhodopes, about 25 km away from Devin town in the direction of Pamporovo. The nearest town, Shiroka laka, is 3-4 km away from Varbovo. In case you come from Devin, in order to turn aside to Varbovo, you should make a very sharp turning, nearly a reverse one. That's why you had better go on to Shiroka laka. Its first buildings start nearly immediately after the fork for Varbovo and you can find a suitable place to turn and then go back. After the fork for Varbovo the road runs steep upwards. The pavement is not particularly good and those of you who have lower cars may encounter some difficulties. What's more, the road is narrow and in some places it's difficult for two cars to pass each other. There are hardly any suitable parking places in Varbovo as the village is located on the steep south-west slopes of Chernatitsa.