The Devil's bridge

Dyavolskiya most is a part of an antique road connecting the Upper Thracian Plain with Western Thrace and the Aegean Sea. By order of Sultan Selim I in the beginning of 16th century the bridge was built (rather restored) on the remains of an old Roman bridge by the master builder Dimitar from Nedelino village. Its length is 56 meters, width – 3.5 m, it is three-arched and the height of the central vault varies from 11.50 to 12 meters. An engraved small hexagon called "Seal of Solomon" was discovered on one of the key stones of the central vault. There are plenty of legends concerning the name of Devil's Bridge. In 1984 it was declared a cultural monument.

Dyavolskiyat most (Sheytankyupryu) is situated in the Eastern Rhodopes, Ardino municipality. It is situated at 420 m altitude in the beautiful canyon of Arda river. There are two options how to reach it:
- from the town of Ardino by car towards the village of Dyadovtsi and to the bridge. The greater part of this road has been recently renovated. The last few hundred metres are a bit rough but you can park your car and continue on foot. The walk to the bridge takes about 15 minutes.
- by car to the village of Galobovo via the villages of Banite and Vishnevo. From Galobovo village you should go on on foot following the eco path (the trail is marked with red-white-red signs).
There is another interesting option for those of you who are fond of walking tourism and are not afraid of longer walks. You can go by public transport or other way to Ardino, from there via Dyadovtsi, Dyavolskiya most and Galabovo village to Banite village. It is about 22 km and you can pass it in approximately 9 h. There is a hotel in Banite village, as well as guest houses and mineral springs.