Banski Suhodol Peak

Banski Suhodol Peak is the third highest peak in Pirin – 2884 m of altitude. The North-eastern side of Banski Suhodol is an almost vertical slope which descends towards the eponymous Banski Suhodol Cirque. The peak’s south-western slope (known as Straneto) descends steeply towards the Vlahinska River valley. The peak provides a beautiful southeast view to the karst peaks of Kutelo and Vihren and the granite Hvoynati Peak and Muratov Peak as well as to the Sinanitsa ridge to the side. In the distance you can also see Sinanitsa Peak.

Schematic map of the area next to peak Banski Suhodol

Banski Suhodol Peak is located on the main ridge of Northern Pirin, northwest of Vihren Peak. Among the main starting points towards the peak are Banderishka Polyana (across Kazanite), Vihren Hut (across the peak or via the path that goes round Vihren) and Yavorov Hut (via Koncheto Shelter).

The peak being in immediate proximity to Kutelo, I’ll repeat what I’ve already written about the later – regardless of the starting point, the ascent to the peak requires overcoming significant elevation gain and going across several technically more difficult sections. In the summer, before you leave, make sure the weather will be stable and there’s not a big chance of thunderstorms. In the winter, the ascent requires good mountaineering skills, knowledge of the conditions and appropriate equipment. If you don’t feel confident enough about such hikes, better look for a mountain guide whose experience and knowledge will make your potential winter ascent safer and nicer.