Lovna hut

Lovna Hut is open all year round. It has about 25 beds in the main building and, additionally, 3 triple and 3 double sheds. The toilets are outside. There is electricity and a central heating. The guests can take a hot shower. Food and drinks are offered as well.

If you want to contact the hut, you can  0885 050 060.

Lovna hut is located in the Rila Mountains, to the southeast of the Panichishte Resort. It is build in the forest, next to a glade at an altitude of around 1600 metres.

The easiest way to the hut starts from the chairlift station next to Pionerska hut, which is about 6 km away from Panichishte. The road to it is relatively new and in a good condition. You can leave your car somewhere before the lift station. At weekends there may not be any free parking spaces. The lift goes to the Seven Rila Lakes which is the most visited place in the whole Rila Mountains. Better arrive early enough to avoid crowds.

Behind the lift station there is a fork. Take the left one and follow the dirt road. After a kilometre or so you will get to another turning. Look for a path which goes to the right and is marked with white-red-white signs. It will take you to the hut. The total distance is around 2.5 km and can be taken in about an hour.

You can get to Lovna hut from east as well. There is a nice path that starts from Vada hut and crosses old coniferous forests and a beautiful mountain meadow called Barzanska livada. Unfortunately the access to Vada hut is somewhat inconvenient. There is a path which connects it with the main road from the village of Govedartsi but it is in a poor condition. To avoid it you can either leave your car somewhere close to the turning from the main road and continue on foot (4 km), or you can continue towards Tse-Pe-She 'Malyovitsa' and start the hike from there. If you choose the second option - the beggining of the trail is 300 metres before the complex (before the first parking site). Look for the white-red-white signs. Follow them all the way to Lovna hut (2h 30 min).

One last option is to start from the village of Klisura. The route is part of the European long distance path E-4 and is suitable only in case you have a lot of free time and you don't mind wilking for a couple of hours. It crosses Lakatishka Rila - a separate lower part of the Rila Mountain located to the north of the main massif. The path is 16 km long and ascends a bit more than 1000 metres.