Peak Bayovi Dupki

Peak Bayovi Dupki (2821 m), also known as Kamenititsa, is located in the northern part of the Pirin Mountains, between the peaks of Razlozhki suhodol and Banski suhodol. It is situated on the karst ridge and is entirely formed by marble, having three clearly distinct peak points. North of it is the cirque of Banski Suhodol, where small patches of snow stay unmelted even in the warmest part of the year. The steep southern slopes of peak Bayovi Dupki ends in the valley of Vlahina river, almost a thousand metres bellow the top. East of it, buil on a small rock terrace, is Koncheto shelter - a small mountain shelter attached to the rocks with metal ropes so that it can sustain the storms. The winter path between Yavorov hut and Koncheto shelter passes through peak Bayovi Dupki. The marked summer path, which continues towards Koncheto, Mt. Vihren and hut Vihren is also nearby.

To reach the peak you can start from Yavorov Hut (roughly 4 hours), from Vihren Hut (across Vihren Peak - 5 hours 40 minutes) and also from Banderitsa Hut (4 hours). In snow conditions getting there requires very good mountaineering skills, good judgment about the particular conditions and the weather, as well as the necessary equipment. At certain places the rib that connects the three highest points of Bayovi Dupki Peak is just about a metre wide. The northeastern slopes descend almost vertically towards the eponymous cirque while the southern slopes are just slightly less steeper. There is a significant danger of slips and unpleasant incidents. In the beginning of the summer season (in case of snow in the gullies) and in late autumn (when there are frozen areas or snow) using the summer trail to get to the peak is dangerous. If you have taken it and suddenly get to a steep area covered by snow or ice, instead of going through it, better surround it from above, if it’s possible. If you’re coming from Yavorov Hut and suspect there might be such iced (snowy) areas, instead of taking the summer (red-marked) path that cuts down the southern slopes, you can try taking the winter route across Razhlozhki suhodol Peak or you can even give it up.

In good weather and summer conditions, when the paths are dry, ascending from any of the abovementioned starting points shouldn’t be a problem to hikers in good shape and the beautiful views from the peak are worth the effort.

Tourist sites nearby:
Koncheto shelter – 10 min
Koncheto (The Little Horse) – 40 min
Kutelo Peak – 1 h 10 min
Kazana shelter – 2 h 40 min
Banderitsa Hut – 4 h 10 min
Vihren Peak – 2 h 40 min
Vihren Hut (across Vihren Peak) – 5 h 10 min