Peak Kutelo

Kutelo Peak (2908m of altitude) is the second highest peak in Pirin. It is situated on the main ridge of Northern Pirin, northwest of Vihren Peak. Viewed from Banski Suhodol Peak (northwest), Kutelo resembles a pyramid, behind which are Pirin’s summit of Vihren (2914m of altitude) to the right and the ski tracks of Todorka to the left with Strazhite in the distance. From Vihren, one can see clearly that Kutelo is actually a prolonged ridge with several distinct highest points. In older guides the two highest points are marked as Kutelo I and Kutelo II.

Among the main starting points towards Kutelo are Banderishka polyana (across Kazanite), Vihren Hut (across the summit or along the roundabout path that surrounds Vihren), Yavorov Hut (across Banski Suhodol and Koncheto).

Regardless of the chosen starting point, getting to the peak is comparatively difficult because it requires overcoming of significant elevation gain.